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Monday, Oct 14, 2019
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Exercise, How Much Is Enough?

By Mark Idzik
Recently I was reading an article that revealed the results of a study comparing the exercise capacity of men and women. The study found that overall, women had a lower capacity as well as lower fitness levels as compared to men.

While these statistics were interesting, the question of how much exercise was enough still was unclear and not easily defined.

When I'm asked how much exercise someone should do, the answer is always - it depends. And I'm not sure "how much is enough" is the right question.

You see, each body is different and has different needs. It also depends on your current condition and whether you're attempting to lose weight, or just to maintain your optimal weight. How much you eat and how active you are also play a role as well.

What's also important is what makes you feel good. Some enjoy a great, long workout, some enjoy a shorter and more intense session. Others like to mix it up, doing a combination of aerobic, resistance (weight) and outdoor activities. Sorry, sitting on the couch doesn't count :).

My recommendation is the last option mentioned, the mix. And if you're counting, I'd recommend at least 40-60 minutes of exercise/activity a day. A mix of aerobic, weight and outdoor activity that you enjoy keeps you interested as well as fit.

The bottom line is to do the amount that allows you to reach your goals, keep you at a healthy weight, and makes you feel good at the same time.

You CAN do it!

Mark Idzik writes on alternative health and is a health coach who helps his clients lose weight, feel better, overcome health challenges and make better health choices. Get his 37 free tips to guaranteed weight loss starting today.
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